Who are we? Well, the quick answer is Lexy and Dion Correia, owners of DNA Group.....but, I'm sure that's not what you were looking for, ;o)

We are both artists. Lexy is a full-time painter and Dion is a digital artist and illustrator. 

For years, Lexy wasn't satisified with the selection of professional art materials available to her on the island and had many a stressful day when paintings were planned out, only to find the size canvas and/or materials needed were not available on the island. When DNA Group was formed, it had been discussed to bring in art materials to sell but, they had heard from others that they had the same idea. So, they thought it best to focus their investment elsewhere. Lexy started to import her own art materials in through the business.

In 2011 with no new art supplier in sight and many grumblings from fellow local artists that they couldn't get what they needed, when they needed or that the prices were too high, it was decided to go ahead and bring in art materials to sell. The intention was to bring in items for a few artists which snow-balled into the website you are now reading. Apparently there was a HUGE need for this on the island!

As an artist, Lexy has a good idea of necessities needed to keep a professional as well as hobby artist happy. She scours her suppliers for good deals as well as the best quality products available. She knows that many professional artists, over time, realise the necessity for top notch tools and products to make their artwork the absolute best it can be. We strive to carry what we think is needed. If you ever look and can't find what you need, please do e-mail us so that we can source it out for you. We are more than happy to accomodate special orders.

We believe that customer service and fair pricing are an integral part of DNA Creative Shoppe. As artists,we also know that inspiration can hit at any time. Our general hours for pick-up are from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. six days a week.  Our pricing can remain fairly low since we started as an online-only storefront and our store, while in Hamilton, is not in the heart of the city.  We do our utmost to keep things realistic for both you, the customer, as well as ourselves, a business with the intent of serving the art community but, also one that turns a profit.

We will continue to grow our inventory as the business grows and aim to fill any gaps that are currently here on the island, not limited to professional art supplies but also student and children's art and craft supplies. We encourage you to e-mail us with your needs, wants, desires and suggestions. If it wasn't for any of those, we wouldn't exist in the first place!

We also have other areas of the site. We intend on bringing in educational and fun items for children and adults, as well as cool items that are totally not art related but, that we thought locals would appreciate and buy. Since we are both artists, we also have available limited edition prints and photographs of our work as well as printed items of our artwork (cutting boards, coasters, etc.).

We look forward to serving the art community and general population of the island!