Maimeri Acrilico - 200ML

Maimeri Acrilico - 200ML



Maimeri Acrilico acrylic is a new generation of acrylic paint manufactured from high quality pigments and state-of-the-art acrylic resin. An excellent all-round paint for professionals, leisure painters and students, the colours are bright, vivid and clean, composed of top quality pigments carefully ground, dispersed and stabilised and chosen in order to create intense and luminous shades. This acrylic is for the budget-conscious artist who demands a high pigment load, short drying times and advanced permanency. 

Acrilico colours are lightfast and the highly concentrated acrylic resin polymer provides a high viscosity, good binding and adhesion characteristics, UV resistance, colour retention and excellent covering power, allowing it to be easily applied even on unprepared supports and for application in thick layers. Once dry, Acrilico colours are flexible and do not crack or flake and they also become impenetrable and will not absorb dust and do not react to atmospheric or external conditions. Vivid, bright and clean colours composed by top quality pigments, carefully ground, dispersed and stabilized and chosen in order to create intense and luminous shades. The finish is homogeneous and satinated. Scrupulous formulation and a careful dispersion process permit to obtain, through mixing, bright and clean secondary colours. The degree of lighfastness and covering power varies in relation to the nature of the single pigment. 

Acrilico is presented in ecologically responsible and fully biodegradable plastic coex tubes. We carry 48 essential artists' colors in the range, each with a single retail price point per tube size. Thirty-two of the available colors are rated for maximum lightfastness, with the remaining 16 colors considered to be medium; there are no colors in the range exhibiting color-retention qualities lower than medium. 

We are selling these at the MSRP of $9.99 a tube. 

Colour chart (please keep in mind we carry 48 of the colours and not all of them)


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