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1. How do I change my password on my account?

1A. You will need to contact us at and we can have a password re-set e-mail sent to the e-mail address on your account to re-set your password.


2. Why are all of the Coming Soon items sold out already?

2A. The items actually aren't sold out. The system only recognizes a 0 in stock and marks it as sold out. We post the coming soon items for you to see but until we receive them and update the quantities, they show as out of stock. Nobody can actually purchase the items until they arrive. (Phewph! Right? You thought you missed out on all of that stuff, huh?)


3. Why have the prices of the Coming Soon items changed when they arrived?

3A. The price showing in Coming Soon is the last price that item was sold at when it was last in stock. Once items arrive and are received into inventory, then any price changes are reflected at that time. If the price is of importance, please contact us before the shipment arrives and we can check for you if the price is going to be going up or not. Most products the prices only go up once every 12-24 months but, of course, the current market is unpredictable. We do what we can to keep the prices as low as we can.


4. How do the different payment options work?

4A. COD is cash on delivery. It does mean actual cash. We do not have a card machine on the premises of our warehouse. Debit or credit card is using your actual cards with our secure processing. Bank transfer to HSBC or Butterfield means you will need to go to your online banking platform and complete a bank transfer. We request you then send payment confirmation to so that we know a transfer has been made. We will not release your order until the funds are showing in our account.


5. I'm trying to check out and keep getting an error message.

5A. You need an account to shop in our online store. This is so you can keep track of your purchases and so we can keep track for loyalty dollar purposes. When you go to checkout, there is a log-in option. Just underneath it you will see, create an account. Choose that and fill in your name, e-mail and choice of password. You will then need to check a box verifying you are human and should be directed immediately to the checkout sequence.